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A Skilled Expert for Your Customized Needs
Nevis Associates Inc. listens to customers to understand the business flow and needs of the customer clearly and is able to implement a more efficient and effective business solution. Nevis is a FileMaker Pro Business Alliance Member and FileMaker 10 and 9 Certified Developer.

FileMaker independent consultants provide the expertise you need to build, modify and manage a professional FileMaker solution. By hiring a consultant you can:

• Save time and money
• Build and deploy a solution faster
• Get the right expertise for your unique needs

Who Benefits from Custom Solutions
Most businesses can benefit from customized software but, businesses that want to improve efficiencies in business operations and need to become more effective benefit most. The customized solution allows business owners and operators to focus on their business rather than the processes of the business. Small businesses that don’t have internal IT capability can now have a dedicated resource to improve business operations. A primary motivation is to become more efficient and effective in day to day business operations to refrain from hiring new clerical help and be more profitable.

Advantages of Having a Database Custom Designed
Having a custom database designed specifically for your business helps improve productivity and accuracy of reporting; the workflow that works for you and your staff is designed in. When buying a standard off the shelf package, you may have to change your workflow to match the database and this adds overhead, including training time, that doesn’t improve your business or get new clients.

While going through this process an added advantage is it helps you think of better ways to improve your business productivity and ultimately your bottom line. A Nevis Consultant will advise the best way that the database can work for you.

Database Design Process
Nevis uses a flexible design process where your company is involved in every stage. We work closely together to make sure that the design of the database fits your workflow. We communicate with each other frequently which helps eliminate any potential misunderstandings early in the process. With frequent communication and involvement in the process the training that is required by your staff is reduced, allowing your investment to start paying for itself earlier.

The process starts with an evaluation of your business needs, a process known as needs analysis; this develops into a specification of your requirements; from this specification the database is designed and developed.

• Needs Analysis • Specification • Design and development • Delivery • Support

One customer’s thoughts on custom designed database:

“I am now in the middle of my busy season and I have to truly say that my FileMaker program is easy to use, a timesaver, and allows my business to function better than it did a year ago. I track my accounts easier, I have more time to spend on managing my business instead of working at it … you (Nevis) were able to deliver me a complete package that I was able to quickly learn, use, and depend on.”

Limnology Information and Freshwater Ecology Inc.
Mark Roland, President

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