Nevis Associates

Longer term vision, solution driven, untypical communicative style, integrity, basic operations flow, business consultant; these are all words and phases that come to mind when I think about our work with Nevis Associates. How do you want it to work; was a question our previous guy never asked and it was the first thing Allan Mowat said. We spent more time trying to get to heart of what we needed to do than anything else. Once we established that, the rest was easy. After our previous experiences with customized software, I couldn’t believe I could get this kind of service and support for what we paid.”
Mark Eliasof, President, Elegant Ensembles, Inc.

“I have worked with other software companies, where Nevis excels is on the people side. From attention to detail to listening to us, the solution was a more collaborative effort. I just wouldn’t dream of using anyone else.”
Jennifer Warren, Owner, I Loves Whales

“I don’t spend much time to verify the changes made to our database and reports; we have come to trust Allan and Nevis Associates to keep the integrity of the database and the accuracy of our reports.”
David Jeffers, Sr. Project Manager, Macy’s Merchandising Group

“Whatever we have wanted the program to do or the report to show, Nevis has provided it. In fact, they have been a business asset, improving our business operations by making suggestions that improve our workflow. Allan Mowat is a 10.”
Cindy Grabow, Owner/Director, Camp Echo

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